My Mom, 2020

NT$ 2,700.00

・作品名稱:致母親 (2020)
・媒材:Digital Painting
・啟發來源:燃燒女子的畫像 Portrait of a Lady on Fire,2019

“ My Mom ”
You should…… and you should not to…… But she said that to    herself.  I had selected the best shawl carefully and been a red veil,  I’m still a loser now. But I’m lucky. I can choose and know so many ways to be happy. Unlike my mom she knows only one way to be happy. House work such as roots   tied my mom’s leg, limiting her but keeping her safe. I wish she could be brave enough to be a wanderer in her life.



【 尺 寸 說 明 】
(尺寸:小)畫布:30 x 35.5 cm
(尺寸:小)畫 + 框:41 x 51 cm
(尺寸:大)畫布:60 x 70 cm
(尺寸:大)畫 + 框:71 x 91 cm
* 更大尺寸畫作,或是不要底紙裱框,歡迎私訊詢問