My Garden in the Wildness, 2022

NT$ 1,900.00

・作品名稱:My Garden in the Wildness (2022)
・作品簡介:My Garden in the Wildness,驟雨滋養了大地,野地綻放花朵  

“ My Garden in the Wildness ”  
The showers nourish the earth and the wild blooms. This is a beautiful landscape that belongs to me, a place where I want to be for a long time.



【 尺 寸 說 明 】
(尺寸:小)畫布:20 x 30 cm
(尺寸:小)畫 + 框:31 x 41 cm
(尺寸:大)畫布:50 x 75 cm
(尺寸:大)畫 + 框:71 x 91 cm
* 更大尺寸畫作,或是不要底紙裱框,歡迎私訊詢問