Welcome to my eyeball, 2021

NT$ 1,900.00

・作品名稱:歡迎光臨我的眼球 (2021)

“ Welcome to my eyeball ”
One day I ate the first lutein in my life, and I patronized my eyeballs.
A big red flower slowly penetrates the water wave into the eyeball room, hits the edge of the bed like a wave, and then disappears; the head of the bed is covered by shiny golden beams. I don’t know if anyone on the bed is watching the water waves. ?








【 畫 作 尺 寸 說 明 】
(尺寸:小)畫布:30 x 30 cm
(尺寸:小)畫 + 框:41 x 41 cm
(尺寸:大)畫布:60 x 60 cm
(尺寸:大)畫 + 框:71 x 71 cm
* 更大尺寸畫作,歡迎私訊詢問